30 Oct

Some people do not understand the importance of Bathing.
Not taking a bath, but having a bathe.

Bathroom door sealing out the world.
Immersing in hot steamy water, clean,

floating in the water feeling 10lbs lighter.

Either scented with some spicy oil, or floral bouquet,
or clean Ivory soap freshness.

You lay your head back and close your eyes…and every
Apartment, trailer, house, condo bathroom becomes a
warm spa near the beach, coconut oil and blue skies, the sound of steel drums.
up to your ears in bubbles in a huge tub of water, near a view overlooking the city, glass of champagne nearby,
submerged in a antique, claw-footed tub in a rustic cabin overlooking pine trees and mountains,
Enter your favorite scenario here, it is the time when daydreaming is easy.
Silky, hot water caressing every part, soothing muscles, warming your inner core.

Standing up, out of the tub, exposed, water cascading down your curves,
The quick nip of chill that makes your goosebumps and nipples rise,….

Before your throw the fluffy towel around you.
Absorbant, cuddling feeling of cotton and warmth.

Skin, heated up, pink, hydrated, dewy and moist.
Looking years younger, limbs looser,
a fresh canvas for whatever media your mate chooses to create with, hands, lips, etc.

If I were a man, I would insist my lover have a good, hot bath every night.


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