No one talks ab…

24 Sep


No one talks about that Naughty Monster

that comes out in their head when they’re alone,

when arousal is high and surveillance is low.

That mental image that you keep stashed in your brains

Secret files for use As Needed.


Whatever that image is might not reflect your image in the world.


But it’s your Naughty Monster

And it only comes out to play when you feel 100% trust.

When you trust someone as much as you trust yourself

to show them your Naughty Monster.


That thought that crosses your mind at times,

You know it is wrong for the Naughty Monster peeking out.


When your Id peeks out that peephole in your Ego’s wall.
There is a Naughty Monster in everyone.

Some have hard time hiding it,

The famous live their Naughty Monster out loud!

Even while denying it!


And some people’s monsters are horrifying to others and rightly so,

So they hide them and keep them to themselves,

or their Naughty Monster comes out in full view and there is judgment.

Close your eyes and envision what makes you tingle

…feel perfectly full, sated, one big satisfying Stretch

that vibrates your body like a finely tuned guitar.
That is part of you, whatever secret you cling to for that legal,

100% body natural, God Gifted High.




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