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Gay History

16 Jul

They’re in an uproar over the fact that California is going to include in Gay historical figures in school. I have to admit I am a little uneducated beyond Harvey Milk. Although we really don’t hear much about famous women and blacks beyond Hariett Tubman and Anne Frank. Nothing but old white guys.



14 Jul

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!!

12 Jul

Anyone who reads this blog  prepare to be engaged, titillated, angered, offended, humored and educated.  

I will pick at both political Party sides, but my leanings are LEFTish.  I believe in Love and let Love, Pro gay marriage and adoption (let everyone share the pain),  Pro-Euthanasia and Death Penalty (if it’s time to go, it’s time to go), Pro-Choice, Planned Parenthood and Hospice.  But I also believe in the right to own a weapon, drug testing welfare recipients, and our military.

I believe they should legalize marijuana cause I miss the days you could light up a joint to relax, instead of dealing with a bunch of friggin drunks.  I worry about our youth, but feel we did this to ourselves by being too indulgent to our children.  I believe everyone should work, pay their taxes and love their children.  I believe in marriage for the right reasons.  You have only one life, choose your partner carefully or people get hurt.  If you have pets, you have a responsibility to them as if you gave birth to them.

I am spiritual, but do not believe in organized religion that takes from the poor and puts its leaders in limos.  I think our relationship with our God is sacred inside each of us.  I hate that Celebrities and Athlete get millions and Teachers get crap wages.

I also think that celebrity-hood ruined Hollywood and there are too many people famous for doing nothing!  I think Love and Sex are the best thing since sliced bread. I also love Food, Shoes, Books, Movies and Art!  I hate cruelty, ignorance, racism, agism, sexism and pretty much all isms.

So now that you know where I stand on the issues, you can make a learned decision whether you want to patronize the site.  I warned you ahead of time.

I am gonna do something like this in my next pizza order!

12 Jul

For some reason this made me laugh!

12 Jul

Nursing IV Fluids

12 Jul

Poe Knows.

12 Jul